Ramona Maharaj from the City of Hamilton – Ft. Lauderdale Life

After spending years traveling from country to country, Ramona Maharaj from the City of Hamilton decided to make a move back to her home continent and live on the sandy shores of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. There are many great things to enjoy about living in Ft. Lauderdale, and below are some of the perks that Ramona Maharaj City of Hamilton tries her best to take advantage of.

Ramona Maharaj City of Hamilton

Ramona Maharaj City of Hamilton


For an ESL teacher, Florida is a good place to be because it has a large population of immigrants that necessitate such a service and can benefit from Ramona’s expertise. She teaches several Haitians, Cubans and more that come into the country without any knowledge of the native language; and helps them assimilate through learning the native tongue.  


Located right next to Miami, Ft. Lauderdale is the place for beachgoers who are looking to soak in the sun and bath-like waters of the Atlantic that stay warm in those parts throughout the year. The area has a sunny beach culture as well as a lively boardwalk area.

Single Life

As a single woman in her early 30’s, Ramona makes the most of the vibrant Miami nightlife scene that is available to her. Miami and the greater Ft. Lauderdale area are full of singles who are looking to immerse themselves in the dating scene.


About Ramona Maharaj City of Hamilton

For Ramona Maharaj from the City of Hamilton, being an ESL teacher is all about the education aspect. Not only does it allow you to travel and work in many places, but it also empowers you to give others the benefit of learning a new language and culture in a personal setting. And that, in itself, is the biggest reward for teaching ESL.
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