The importance of packing sensibly for a trip cannot be overstated. On any trip, you’ll come across two types of travelers: those who travel light and those who wish they had packed fewer items. However, there’s a balance that has to be met. Pack too lightly and you’ll be forced to pay extra money to get the items you didn’t bring. Pack too much and you’ll be burdened with heavy baggage.

Ramona Maharaj City of HamiltonThe following are packing tips to help you enjoy the next trip.

Roll your clothes

If you have to stuff two weeks’ worth of clothing into your backpack, rolling your clothes creates more space than folding them. Rolling also ensures that the clothes don’t end up with deep wrinkles when you unpack.

Carry-on bags

Many airlines permit travelers to have a carry-on bag and a personal item when they board the plane. Different airlines will have specific requirements with regards to the personal item, but laptop bags, backpacks or tote bags are acceptable. So rather than carry a small purse as your personal item, bring a larger bag that can provide extra storage for your stuff.

Pack in layers

It helps when you pack in layers so that your shoes are laid out in one layer, electronics on the next layer, and clothes in another layer. This way, screening at the airport goes faster, and the person doing it has a better picture of what to expect. It’s always more relieving when you can get through screening faster.

Ramona Maharaj City of Hamilton from the City of Hamilton is an avid traveler, having taught overseas for seven years.

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