Hiking is a desirable hobby for many people, and it’s not hard to figure out why. Some hiking trails run across some of Mother Nature’s most beautiful spots, making an outdoor excursion a fun and satisfying activity. Most hikers know that hiking demands a lot physically like walking for hours carrying a load. It’s because of this that hikers have to learn how to stay safe, especially if they are hiking on backcountry trails.

Ramona Maharaj City of HamiltonA mistake has the power to turn an enjoyable afternoon into hours of misery. While mistakes are inevitable, it’s good to stay prepared and learn from the experience.

There’s safety in numbers

It is always advisable to hike with a group. Group members should stay within sight of each other so that any pertinent information is communicated to everyone. In group settings, the slowest people should set the pace for everyone else.

No turning back

Also known as Summit Fever, the tendency to keep going and ignore red flags while hiking can put the lives of everyone in danger. It’s okay if you have to turn back, especially if any of the following happens: the weather changes for the worst; someone gets injured; fatigue sets in; the terrain becomes too adverse; and if it seems it will take longer to complete the hike than expected.

Pay attention to your body

Pay close attention to what your body communicates. If you start feeling nauseous or experience shortness of breath, it may be time to take a break or consider heading back. You can always plan to complete the hike at another time.

Ramona Maharaj, from the City of Hamilton, loves hiking, and has taken on various trails in parts of South America.


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