Ramona Maharaj from the City of Hamilton – Top Tourist Ideas for Fort Lauderdale

Ramona Maharaj from the City of Hamilton recently moved to the Fort Lauderdale area of Florida and has been trying to take in as many sights and experiences as possible. But like many people that are new to a place, or for those that are just visiting, it can be difficult to choose what to do on a limit budget and time frame. Although Ramona Maharaj from the City of Hamilton now lives in the area, it can be hard for her to find time to experience to city with her bust schedule as a teacher. Here are some ideas for activities will help tourists, or even locals, narrow down what to do in the Fort Lauderdale area.

Fort Lauderdale Beach: When many people think of South Florida, they think of sun and sand and the beautiful beaches found all over the coast. Fort Lauderdale is one of the most popular of all the beaches in Florida, drawing millions of visitors each year. The beaches in the area are known for their variety of shops, cleanliness, yummy dining options, and lively nightlife. And there is ample parking too.

Ramona Maharaj City of Hamilton

Ramona Maharaj City of Hamilton

With an almost endless array of beach activities like boating, volleyball, jet skiing, wind surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, and deep-sea fishing just to name a few, there is something for everyone to experience near the beach. Even if relaxing is your thing, taking in the sights and sounds of Fort Lauderdale Beach is something to experience. Try lounging by the curvy wave wall that lines the beachfront.

Butterfly World: This beautiful and interesting exhibit is for the nature lover. It is located in Coconut Creek, about 15 miles north of downtown, and has been open since 1988. Guests venture through screened-in aviaries filled with over 2,000 caterpillars and butterflies. Not only are these areas expansive, they are also beautiful.  They look and feel like a tropical rainforest. Even outside the exhibit there is beauty to be found with the rose garden, pavilion, gift shop, pond and butterfly specimens from around the world.

Flamingo Gardens: This is one of the oldest Botanical gardens in South Florida and one of the last natural areas of jungle growth in the area. It features a one and a half acres of free-flight aviary for the wide variety of birds that can be found there, river otter and bobcat habitats, a crocodile lagoon, a citrus grove, and wetlands.

With both narrated tram torus and unguided walking paths, guests can choose how to experience this tropical wonderland. There is even a museum found in the original home of the previous owners with period furniture for history buffs and several shops and cafes for all to enjoy.

There is so much to see and do when visiting Fort Lauderdale, it can be hard to narrow down a list of activities. But having a few of the most popular ideas can help plan any trip. Even some of the people that live in the area like Ramona Maharaj from the City of Hamilton have yet to experience all of the fun and sun Fort Lauderdale has to offer.


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For Ramona Maharaj from the City of Hamilton, being an ESL teacher is all about the education aspect. Not only does it allow you to travel and work in many places, but it also empowers you to give others the benefit of learning a new language and culture in a personal setting. And that, in itself, is the biggest reward for teaching ESL.
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